Our Restaurant has a long history of over 250 years. It’s present look dates from 1905 when the dominat roof was built and the half timbered front walls were revealed. The newly renovated Restaurant is the most picturesque building at the Harbour. From our Patio and Terrace you look at the harbour with its Yachts and the ferry. Far away the Alpstein with Mount Säntis greet on a clear day.

Our Restaurant specializes in Fish from Lake Constance and a traditionnal Swiss Cuisine, based on regionnaly grown fresh products. Best Knusperli in town! Our famous homemade Sauger Stripes in Beer Batter are simply delicious.


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- Summer Salads -

Arugula with Feta Cheese, Cucumber, Tomato
Served with homemade crispy Beetroot Bread
Grilled Mediterranian Vegetables on Lettuce
Served with Toasted Bread, Olivepaste and Tomatopesto
Melon Slices (Watermelon & Cantaloup) Dried Ham on Lettuce 24.50
Grilled Mango Slice, Chicken Stripes in Chili Oil, roasted Cashews
On Lettuce

Salad Platter with:

Boiled Egg 18.50
Smoked Whitefish, Horseraddish and Sour Cream 25.50
Boiled Beef Salad 23.50
Swiss Sausage Salad Or Sausage&Cheese Salad 18.50 / 19.50
Broiled Chickenbreast with Herbal Butter 22.50
Pork Steak with Herbal Butter 28.00
Breaded Pork Escalope
or plain Pork Escalope in Herbal Butter
Beef Steak Tartar  
- Small Portion 19.50
- Large Portion 27.50
Sauteed White Fish 27.50

Choice of Dressing:

Italian     Cider     Garlic-Parmesan



Homemade crispy Beetroot Bread, Olives, Sbrinz Cheese 8.00
Crisp Salad (garden fresh lettuce)  8.00
Mixed Seasonal Salad  9.50
Aragula, Sliced Sbrinz Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes
toasted Bread with Olivepaste und Tomatopesto
Grilled  Mango Slice, Chicken Stripes in Chili Oil, Roasted Cashews 14.50
Mixed Salad with a Bodensee Pike Patty 12.50
Deep Fried Zander Slices in Beer Batter with a Mixed Salad 14.50

Your Choice of our Apple-Cider Dressing our Creamy Garlic- Parmesan Dressing, or our House Italian Dressing



Homemade Beef Broth with a Dash of Dry Sherry 8.50
Carrot Orange Ginger Soup 9.50
Cold Cream of Avocado, sauteed White Fish 12.00


- OUR SWISS ROESTI (Hash Browns) -

Rösti and mixed Vegetables in Sage Butter  24.00
Rösti and Crispy Bacon with a Fried Egg  22.00
Zucchini and Potato Rösti with Melted Goat Cheese and a Fried Egg 22.00
Rösti with Sliced Calve‘s Liver Home Style 31.00



Deep Fried Zander Slices (Walleye, Sauger) in Beer Batter 25.00
Served with Tartar Sauce and Lemon Slice  
With Saladplatter  28.50
With steamed Potatoes  28.50
With French Fries 28.50
Fresh Filet of Sauteed White Fish in Roasted Almond Butter 28.50
- in Oliveoil on Grilled Sommer Vegetables 28.50
Steamed Filet of Trout in Verjus Sauce, mixed Vegetables 32.50
- on Tomato Cubes, Basil and Olives 32.50
Fresh Filets of Bodensee Perch fried in Butter, mixed Vegetables
Your Choice of Rice or Steamed Potatoes



Millet Patties in Tomato Sauce with Seasonal Vegetables 21.00
Potato Dumplings with sauteed Porcini Mushrooms,
Mixed Vegetables in Sage Butter
Vegetable Curry in Ginger Coconut Milk, Rice 23.00



Chickenbreast  on Summer Vegetables in Honey-Verjus Sauce, Rice 28.00
Braised Beef Escalope in Cyder Sauce,
Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables 
Skewer (Beef Tenderloin and Rack of Lamb) in Herbal Butter
With Seasonal Vegetables an French Fries
Beef Tenderloin Steak in Peppersauce, Potato Dumplings
and Seasonal Vegetables
- Beef 150g 38.00
- Beef 220g 46.00
 Beef Emincé Basel Style with a Crispy Rösti  26.00
Pork Escalopes in Cream Sauce
with Noodles an Seasonal Vegetables 
Homemade Meat Loaf in Porcini Mushroom Sauce
with Rösti and Mixed Vegetables 
Back of Lamb, Potatoes in Rosmary Butter, Grilled Vegetables 33.00
Pork Cordon-Bleu with Seasonal Vegetables and French Fries  26.50
Breaded Pork Escalope with French Fries 23.50
- Large Portion (250g) 29.50
Wienerschnitzel (Veal Escalope) with French Fries  32.00



Fine Pasteries from the Schwarz Confectionery in Arbon

Fisher Torte (Almond Buttercream Cake)  5.50
Vacherin glacé (Meringue and Ice Cream Cake)  10.50
Variety of Pralines  7.50
Chocolate Mousse with Browny with Fruit  13.00
Crèpes Suzette  Vanilla Ice Cream 13.00
Crème Brulé, Fresh Berries in Rhubarb Sauce 11.00
Mixed Berries Gratin with Vanilla Ice Cream  12.00
Aged Swiss Cheese, Grapes Mostarda, Nuts & Apple Slices  12.00